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Current Conditions

  • 49°
  • Light Rain
  • Wind: NE 7 mph
  • Humidity: 93%
  • Visibility: 1.8 miles
  • Dew Point: 47°
  • Pressure: 30.19 in. +

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Chance of Rain
Chance of Rain
Forecast data from the National Digital Forecast Database.

5 Day Forecast

  • Monday
  • Rain
  • High: 51 °
  • Low: 46 °
  • Rain
  • Tuesday
  • Chance of Rain
  • High: 58 °
  • Low: 53 °
  • Chance of Rain
  • Wednesday
  • Rain
  • High: 63 °
  • Low: 40 °
  • Rain
  • Thursday
  • Clear
  • High: 56 °
  • Low: 33 °
  • Clear
  • Friday
  • Clear
  • High: 57 °
  • Low: 31 °
  • Clear

Forecast for Hickory, North Carolina

Updated: 6:32 am EST on November 30, 2015

  • Today

    Rain. Patchy fog. Cooler with highs in the mid 50s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90 percent.

  • Tonight

    Rain. Areas of fog in the evening. Areas of fog after midnight. Near steady temperatures in the upper 40s. Northeast winds around 5 mph in the evening...becoming light and variable. Chance of rain 80 percent.

  • Tuesday

    Cloudy. Areas of fog in the morning. Rain likely...mainly in the morning. Highs in the upper 50s. Light and variable winds... becoming south around 5 mph in the afternoon. Chance of rain 60 percent.

  • Tuesday Night

    Rain likely. Near steady temperatures in the mid 50s. South winds around 5 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.

  • Wednesday

    Rain likely in the morning...then showers likely in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 60s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.

  • Wednesday Night through Sunday

    Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 30s. Highs in the upper 50s.

Severe Weather Alert Descriptions

 Public Information Statement  Statement as of 9:33 am EST on November 30, 2015

... Rainfall amounts over the past 24 hours...

Location County/state observation type inches

Mount leconte Sevier/TN dcp/NWS coop 2.67
york5 York/SC supplementary 2.59
bryso4 Swain/NC supplementary 2.31
Stratton Meadow Graham/NC dcp/NWS coop 2.22
Hayesville 5.2 Clay/NC cocorahs 2.14
Black Mountain Buncombe/NC cocorahs 2.13
Indian grave GA Blount/TN dcp/NWS coop 2.12
Fairview 4 ENE Buncombe/NC cocorahs 2.09
Hiawassee 7 ESE towns/GA supplementary 2.07
Ridgecrest 1 E Buncombe/NC dcp/NWS coop 2.00
Bryson City coo Swain/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.96
Townsend 5 S Blount/TN dcp/NWS coop 1.95
Swannanoa 3 WNW Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.95
Stecoah Graham/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.91
Fontana Dam Graham/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.91
Murphy Cherokee/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.90
Fairview 2 ENE Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.90
Murphy 3.8 se Cherokee/NC cocorahs 1.86
Asheville 4 NNE Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.84
Chestnut Flats Graham/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.80
Lake Lure 2 E Rutherford/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.77
Mooresville 5 W Iredell/NC supplementary 1.74
roaring ck head Avery/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.74
Chimney Rock Rutherford/NC cocorahs 1.73
Beetree creek Buncombe/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.72
Needmore TVA ra Swain/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.71
Asheville 4.1 E Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.70
robbi1 Graham/NC supplementary 1.69
Clayton 8.5 W Rabun/GA cocorahs 1.68
Fairview 1 S Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.68
Germany Valley Rabun/GA dcp/NWS coop 1.65
Franklin 10 SW Macon/NC supplementary 1.65
Old Fort 0.2 W McDowell/NC cocorahs 1.65
Plumtree 0.5 W Avery/NC cocorahs 1.65
Sylva dcp 1 W Jackson/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.65
Blowing Rock 3 Watauga/NC cocorahs 1.65
Rabun Gap 1 WNW Rabun/GA cocorahs 1.65
Asheville 5.4 N Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.64
Judaculla Ridge Jackson/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.64
Mt Mitchell dcp Yancey/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.64
Blowing Rock 2 Watauga/NC cocorahs 1.64
whitt1 Swain/NC supplementary 1.63
Tallulah rvr 10 Rabun/GA dcp/NWS coop 1.63
Round Bottom cg Swain/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.62
clayt7 Rabun/GA supplementary 1.62
Wallace Gap Macon/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.61
Union Mills 2.6 Rutherford/NC cocorahs 1.60
Wesser 1.7 se Swain/NC cocorahs 1.59
Leicester 2 se Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.56
Leicester 6.5 W Madison/NC cocorahs 1.55
ashevile 2.9 N Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.55
Leicester 0.9 S Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.54
Soco creek Jackson/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.54
Bakersville 10 Mitchell/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.54
Weaverville 4 N Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.54
morga12 Burke/NC supplementary 1.54
Busick RAWS Yancey/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.53
Weaverville 4.2 Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.53
Jonas Ridge 3 S Burke/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.52
Hiawassee 4.8 S towns/GA cocorahs 1.52
Spruce Pine 3.7 Mitchell/NC cocorahs 1.52
Asheville 1.2 N Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.51
Burnsville 7 W Yancey/NC cocorahs 1.51
Mars Hill 2.0 S Madison/NC cocorahs 1.50
Sams Gap Madison/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.50
Titus towns/GA dcp/NWS coop 1.50
Asheville 6 NNW Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.50
Walnut 3 N Madison/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.50
Whittier 4 ESE Jackson/NC cocorahs 1.50
wcu water plant Jackson/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.49
Asheville 3 se Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.49
Edgemont Caldwell/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.48
Columbus 7 NNW Polk/NC cocorahs 1.47
Cheoah RAWS 1 N Graham/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.47
sylva4 Jackson/NC supplementary 1.46
Bald Creek 1 NW Yancey/NC cocorahs 1.46
Tow string RAWS Swain/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.46
Burnsville 7 ss Yancey/NC cocorahs 1.46
Cow Mountain ra Swain/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.46
Linville Falls Avery/NC cocorahs 1.45
Weaverville 5.6 Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.45
Hiawassee at RI towns/GA dcp/NWS coop 1.45
Grandfather raw McDowell/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.44
Weaverville 1.4 Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.44
Old Fort ag 3 W McDowell/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.44
Cosby 1 SSW Cocke/TN dcp/NWS coop 1.44
Burnsville 5.9 Yancey/NC cocorahs 1.43
Leicester rain Buncombe/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.43
Clayton 0.7 N Rabun/GA supplementary 1.43
oconaluftee Swain/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.43
Weaverville 0.6 Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.42
Burnsville 6.4 Yancey/NC cocorahs 1.42
Greeneville Greene/TN dcp/NWS coop 1.42
2nd broad rvr N Rutherford/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.41
alexa3 Burke/NC supplementary 1.41
Marshall 1.1 NE Madison/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.41
Newfound creek Buncombe/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.40
Houser rain Cleveland/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.40
alexa2 Burke/NC supplementary 1.40
Canton 3.6 ENE Haywood/NC cocorahs 1.40
Balsam Grove Transylvania/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.40
mills5 Polk/NC supplementary 1.39
nebo4 Burke/NC supplementary 1.39
Topton 4 E Macon/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.39
Linville 2 ENE Avery/NC cocorahs 1.38
Glen Alpine 3 S Burke/NC cocorahs 1.38
Hot Springs 6 S Madison/NC cocorahs 1.38
Greeneville 10. Greene/TN cocorahs 1.37
Roan mtn 7.1 W Carter/TN cocorahs 1.37
Flat Rock 4 NE Henderson/NC cocorahs 1.36
Spruce Pine 6.6 Mitchell/NC cocorahs 1.36
Lake Toxaway 2 Transylvania/NC supplementary 1.36
Spruce Pine 4 E Avery/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.35
frank18 Macon/NC supplementary 1.34
breva12 Transylvania/NC supplementary 1.34
Hot Springs Madison/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.33
Candler 1.9 NE Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.33
North Cove Pinn Burke/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.33
Mulberry Caldwell/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.33
Rutherfordton 2 Rutherford/NC cocorahs 1.33
Lake Toxaway 3 Transylvania/NC supplementary 1.32
Buffalo ck head Caldwell/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.32
mtn hort crops Henderson/NC ASOS/AWOS 1.32
Beaverdam Gap Haywood/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.32
beech mtn Avery/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.31
Pisgah Forest 2 Transylvania/NC supplementary 1.31
Rutherford coun Rutherford/NC ASOS/AWOS 1.31
Lewisburg 3 W Yancey/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.31
Candler 1.8 NNE Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.30
Burnsville 5 N Yancey/NC cocorahs 1.30
Canton 2 N Haywood/NC cocorahs 1.30
canto3 Haywood/NC supplementary 1.30
Rutherford cnty Rutherford/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.30
Nolichucky dam Greene/TN dcp/NWS coop 1.30
Banner Elk coop Avery/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.30
Vale ag 2 SW Lincoln/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.29
rosma4 Transylvania/NC supplementary 1.29
Glen Alpine 1 W Burke/NC cocorahs 1.28
Canoe Creek Burke/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.28
Globe Caldwell/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.28
Foscoe 1 WSW Watauga/NC cocorahs 1.28
Bailey Camp Caldwell/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.28
Kings Creek Caldwell/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.27
Jacob fk at ram Burke/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.27
Mulberry ck at Caldwell/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.27
Columbus 2 E Polk/NC cocorahs 1.25
mills7 Polk/NC supplementary 1.25
Unicoi RAWS Carter/TN dcp/NWS coop 1.24
Lake Toxaway 3. Transylvania/NC cocorahs 1.24
Lake Junaluska Haywood/NC cocorahs 1.23
Franklin 4 ESE Macon/NC cocorahs 1.23
Rutherfordton 1 Polk/NC cocorahs 1.23
Rosman 4.5 SSW Transylvania/NC supplementary 1.22
Hendersonville Henderson/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.22
#1 RAWS 4 NE Rabun/GA dcp/NWS coop 1.21
Morganton Burke/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.21
frank21 Macon/NC supplementary 1.21
Forest City 8 W Rutherford/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.21
Brevard coop Transylvania/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.20
del Rio 4 se Cocke/TN dcp/NWS coop 1.20
Boone 1 se coop Watauga/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.20
Tryon water tre Polk/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.20
Bearwallow towe Henderson/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.20
Bostic 2 ENE 1. Rutherford/NC cocorahs 1.19
Canton 1 NNE Haywood/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.18
Brevard 6.5 S Transylvania/NC cocorahs 1.18
Burbank Carter/TN dcp/NWS coop 1.18
Highlands coop Macon/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.18
Lincolnton 4 ws Lincoln/NC cocorahs 1.18
wayne12 Haywood/NC supplementary 1.17
York 4.1 NW York/SC cocorahs 1.17
East Flat Rock Henderson/NC cocorahs 1.17
north Hickory 1 Catawba/NC cocorahs 1.16
wayne11 Haywood/NC supplementary 1.16
Walker Top Burke/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.16
Inman 2.4 SSE Spartanburg/SC supplementary 1.16
tryon4 Polk/NC supplementary 1.15
Elk Creek at el Wilkes/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.15
High Shoals 2 N Lincoln/NC supplementary 1.14
frank11 Macon/NC supplementary 1.14
Brevard 1 NNW 1 Transylvania/NC cocorahs 1.14
cliff1 Rutherford/NC supplementary 1.13
canto8 Haywood/NC supplementary 1.13
Gastonia 3 SSE Gaston/NC cocorahs 1.13
Skyland 5 W crn Buncombe/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.13
lyman5 Spartanburg/SC supplementary 1.12
valde1 Burke/NC supplementary 1.12
Lenoir coop Caldwell/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.12
Hickory 5 SW Catawba/NC cocorahs 1.12
Candler 5 SW Buncombe/NC cocorahs 1.12
Rosman dcp/coop Transylvania/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.12
Asheville reg a Buncombe/NC ASOS/AWOS 1.11
wayne22 Haywood/NC supplementary 1.11
rosma5 Transylvania/NC supplementary 1.11
Flat Springs 1 Avery/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.11
Flat Springs 1 Avery/NC cocorahs 1.11
Clayton 2 ESE Rabun/GA supplementary 1.10
Hendersonville Henderson/NC cocorahs 1.10
Spartanburg 3 E Spartanburg/SC cocorahs 1.10
grani2 Caldwell/NC supplementary 1.10
Brevard 4 S Transylvania/NC cocorahs 1.10
Bethel 2.5 N Watauga/NC cocorahs 1.10
Inman 3 N 2.6 N Spartanburg/SC cocorahs 1.09
Lincolnton 2 NW Lincoln/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.08
Caesars Head Greenville/SC dcp/NWS coop 1.08
Gastonia 1.8 ss Gaston/NC cocorahs 1.07
Gastonia 6 se Gaston/NC cocorahs 1.07
Gastonia 4 ESE Gaston/NC cocorahs 1.07
colum4 Polk/NC supplementary 1.06
maggi5 Haywood/NC supplementary 1.06
Fletcher 4 W CR Henderson/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.06
Chesnee 7 WSW Spartanburg/SC dcp/NWS coop 1.05
otto5 Macon/NC supplementary 1.05
Pisgah Forest 2 Transylvania/NC cocorahs 1.04
canto9 Haywood/NC supplementary 1.04
Chesnee 4.5 WNW Spartanburg/SC cocorahs 1.04
Mount Holly 4.8 Mecklenburg/NC cocorahs 1.03
Hickory 2 NW Catawba/NC cocorahs 1.03
Columbus 7 ESE Polk/NC cocorahs 1.02
maggi7 Haywood/NC supplementary 1.02
Canton 9 SSW Haywood/NC cocorahs 1.02
Gastonia 4.3 E Gaston/NC cocorahs 1.02
devils Fork sp Oconee/SC cocorahs 1.01
Salem 3 WNW 3.1 Oconee/SC cocorahs 1.01
Greer 3 NNE Spartanburg/SC cocorahs 1.01
Duckett Top Madison/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.00
Morganton/lenoi Burke/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.00
Travelers Rest Greenville/SC cocorahs 1.00
Waynesville 4.1 Haywood/NC cocorahs 1.00
Etowah 2 NW 1.9 Henderson/NC cocorahs 1.00
shelb12 Cleveland/NC supplementary 1.00
Pisgah Forest 3 Transylvania/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.00
landr3 Greenville/SC supplementary 1.00
Gastonia Muni a Gaston/NC ASOS/AWOS 1.00
Gaston Shoals Cherokee/SC dcp/NWS coop 1.00
Helen 10 ENE Habersham/GA cocorahs 1.00
Little Rock Rd Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.00
Mount Holly Ida Gaston/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.00
Beaverdam creek Buncombe/NC dcp/NWS coop 1.00
york4 York/SC supplementary 1.00
broad rvr nr GA Cherokee/SC dcp/NWS coop 0.99
Tega Cay 2 ESE York/SC cocorahs 0.99
Lyman 2 NNW Spartanburg/SC cocorahs 0.99
Coulwood MS Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.98
Lincoln County Lincoln/NC ASOS/AWOS 0.98
breva5 Transylvania/NC supplementary 0.98
shelb11 Cleveland/NC supplementary 0.98
Laurel Park 1.5 Henderson/NC cocorahs 0.98
Kings mtn RAWS Cherokee/SC dcp/NWS coop 0.98
Tega Cay 0.4 nn York/SC cocorahs 0.98
marie1 Greenville/SC supplementary 0.98
Bessemer City 3 Gaston/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.97
Cedar Mountain Transylvania/NC supplementary 0.97
cmud at brooksh Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.97
Davidson River Transylvania/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.97
Highlands dcp Macon/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.96
wayne5 Haywood/NC supplementary 0.96
trave2 Greenville/SC supplementary 0.96
Oxford dam/rive Catawba/NC supplementary 0.96
Waynesville 2 S Haywood/NC cocorahs 0.96
Waynesville 1 E Haywood/NC cocorahs 0.96
Brasstown RAWS towns/GA dcp/NWS coop 0.95
Hickory 5.3 NE Catawba/NC cocorahs 0.95
wayne21 Haywood/NC supplementary 0.95
spart12 Spartanburg/SC supplementary 0.95
Berryhill es at Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.95
Lake Wylie 2 SW York/SC cocorahs 0.94
Otto 1.1 NW Macon/NC cocorahs 0.94
Hickory reg ap Burke/NC ASOS/AWOS 0.94
Oxford research Catawba/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.93
mario7 McDowell/NC supplementary 0.93
nebo5 Burke/NC supplementary 0.93
York 6 E 6.3 E York/SC cocorahs 0.93
Patterson Caldwell/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.92
Taylors 3 W Greenville/SC cocorahs 0.92
Belle Oaks (fs3 Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.92
Freedom Park Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.92
stn #10 Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.91
green9 Greenville/SC supplementary 0.91
hudso3 Caldwell/NC supplementary 0.91
Beatties Ford r Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.91
trave9 Greenville/SC supplementary 0.91
lyman1 Spartanburg/SC supplementary 0.91
Spartanburg 5 W Spartanburg/SC cocorahs 0.91
Chantilly elem Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.90
withers Cove Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.90
Jefferson 2 E c Ashe/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.90
Rock Hill 4 WNW York/SC cocorahs 0.90
Beech Mountain Watauga/NC cocorahs 0.90
wayne6 Haywood/NC supplementary 0.90
Rock Hill 5.8 W York/SC cocorahs 0.90
Derita alt scho Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.90
collinswood es Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.89
Berrys Pond Spartanburg/SC cocorahs 0.89
Harding hs Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.89
char-doug Intl Mecklenburg/NC ASOS/AWOS 0.89
Killian ck nr M Lincoln/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.89
Belmont Gaston/NC cocorahs 0.89
Mint Hill 2 NNW Mecklenburg/NC supplementary 0.88
Charlotte 5.8 E Mecklenburg/NC cocorahs 0.88
Sans Souci 3 en Greenville/SC cocorahs 0.88
clayt2 Rabun/GA supplementary 0.88
Granite Falls 6 Caldwell/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.88
Conover 2.8 NE Catawba/NC cocorahs 0.88
Westport Golf c Lincoln/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.88
starita Rd 4 N Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.88
Greer 1.4 NNE Greenville/SC cocorahs 0.88
Weddington 1.9 Union/NC cocorahs 0.87
Canton 10.7 S Haywood/NC cocorahs 0.87
Catawba 5 SW Catawba/NC supplementary 0.87
Hornets Nest el Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.87
Matthews 1.3 S Mecklenburg/NC cocorahs 0.87
Otto 4.5 E Macon/NC supplementary 0.87
Indian land 5 N Lancaster/SC cocorahs 0.87
ninety nine isl Cherokee/SC dcp/NWS coop 0.86
Sans Souci 3.8 Greenville/SC cocorahs 0.86
spart10 Spartanburg/SC supplementary 0.86
Travelers Rest Greenville/SC dcp/NWS coop 0.86
Rock Hill 2.8 W York/SC cocorahs 0.85
Mint Hill 3.1 N Mecklenburg/NC supplementary 0.85
Moore 5 NW 4.9 Spartanburg/SC cocorahs 0.85
Kennedy Jr hs Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.85
Greer 1.5 SSE Spartanburg/SC cocorahs 0.84
Alexander MS 3 Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.84
northwest MS Greenville/SC dcp/NWS coop 0.84
Taylors 3 NNW Greenville/SC cocorahs 0.84
Camp thunderbir York/SC dcp/NWS coop 0.84
Mt Island Lake Mecklenburg/NC dcp/NWS coop 0.83
Keowee key 1.4 Oconee/SC cocorahs 0.83
Mint Hill 0.3 S Mecklenburg/

Personal Weather Stations

Personal Weather Stations [Add your weather station!]

Location: 15th Street South East, Hickory, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 49.2 °F Dew Point: 48 °F Humidity: 97% Wind: Calm Pressure: 30.19 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.07 in Windchill: 49 °F Graphs

Location: St. Stephens Park, Hickory, NC

Updated: 9:51 AM EST

Temperature: 48.7 °F Dew Point: 47 °F Humidity: 94% Wind: West at 4.2 mph Pressure: 30.10 in Hourly Precipitation: - Windchill: 47 °F Graphs

Location: Mountain View Heliport, Hickory, NC

Updated: 9:54 AM EST

Temperature: 49.8 °F Dew Point: 48 °F Humidity: 94% Wind: NNE at 3.7 mph Pressure: 29.84 in Hourly Precipitation: - Windchill: 49 °F Graphs

Location: Hildebran's Weather Station, Hildebran, NC

Updated: 9:55 AM EST

Temperature: 49.6 °F Dew Point: 49 °F Humidity: 97% Wind: NNE at 3.0 mph Pressure: 30.27 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.06 in Windchill: 50 °F Graphs

Location: Cambridge Place Townhomes-Thornburg Drive, Conover, Conover, NC

Updated: 9:56 AM EST

Temperature: 49.6 °F Dew Point: 49 °F Humidity: 99% Wind: WSW at 1.7 mph Pressure: 30.05 in Hourly Precipitation: - Windchill: 50 °F Graphs

Location: North Newton, Newton, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 49.8 °F Dew Point: 47 °F Humidity: 90% Wind: NE at 2.0 mph Pressure: 30.19 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.04 in Windchill: 50 °F Graphs

Location: Catawba County Government Center, Newton, NC

Updated: 9:53 AM EST

Temperature: 50.0 °F Dew Point: 50 °F Humidity: 99% Wind: NNE at 4.7 mph Pressure: 30.04 in Hourly Precipitation: - Windchill: 48 °F Graphs

Location: River Run Circle, Hickory, NC

Updated: 9:51 AM EST

Temperature: 50.0 °F Dew Point: 50 °F Humidity: 99% Wind: ESE at 1.1 mph Pressure: 30.09 in Hourly Precipitation: - Windchill: - Graphs

Location: WR4AY, Connellys Springs, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 50.2 °F Dew Point: 23 °F Humidity: 34% Wind: ENE at 1.0 mph Pressure: 30.17 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.00 in Windchill: - Graphs

Location: Rock Barn, Conover, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 49.6 °F Dew Point: 48 °F Humidity: 95% Wind: Calm Pressure: 30.22 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.06 in Windchill: 50 °F Graphs

Location: Riverbend Park, Riverbend Park, Conover, NC

Updated: 9:52 AM EST

Temperature: 47.1 °F Dew Point: 41 °F Humidity: 79% Wind: NE at 1.0 mph Pressure: 30.20 in Hourly Precipitation: - Windchill: 47 °F Graphs

Location: Barrett Mt, Taylorsville, NC

Updated: 9:56 AM EST

Temperature: 46.9 °F Dew Point: 47 °F Humidity: 99% Wind: ENE at 4.0 mph Pressure: 30.24 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.04 in Windchill: 45 °F Graphs

Location: Cedar Valley Rd, Hudson, NC

Updated: 10:06 AM EST

Temperature: 49.3 °F Dew Point: 49 °F Humidity: 98% Wind: Calm Pressure: 30.12 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.04 in Windchill: 49 °F Graphs

Location: Deer Creek, Hudson, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 49.0 °F Dew Point: 48 °F Humidity: 97% Wind: ENE at 2.0 mph Pressure: 30.25 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.05 in Windchill: 49 °F Graphs

Location: SouthBridge, Claremont, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 48.6 °F Dew Point: 47 °F Humidity: 95% Wind: NE at 3.7 mph Pressure: 30.14 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.05 in Windchill: 47 °F Graphs

Location: Pleasant View Lane, Catawba, NC

Updated: 10:01 AM EST

Temperature: 50.0 °F Dew Point: 50 °F Humidity: 98% Wind: North at - Pressure: 29.84 in Hourly Precipitation: - Windchill: - Graphs

Location: Blue Ridge Foothills - N1PD, Newton, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 50.6 °F Dew Point: 49 °F Humidity: 93% Wind: East at 3.0 mph Pressure: 30.20 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.00 in Windchill: - Graphs

Location: Balls Creek-Ramsey, Claremont, NC

Updated: 10:06 AM EST

Temperature: 50.3 °F Dew Point: 50 °F Humidity: 97% Wind: North at 2.0 mph Pressure: 30.19 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.04 in Windchill: - Graphs

Location: Princeton Forest Drive, Township Of Taylorsville, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 46.9 °F Dew Point: 45 °F Humidity: 93% Wind: ENE at 4.0 mph Pressure: 30.18 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.05 in Windchill: 45 °F Graphs

Location: Catawba, NC, Catawba, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 50.5 °F Dew Point: 50 °F Humidity: 99% Wind: NE at 4.6 mph Pressure: 29.25 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.03 in Windchill: - Graphs

Location: BurkeWeather.com, Valdese, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 50.5 °F Dew Point: 47 °F Humidity: 88% Wind: Calm Pressure: 30.19 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.04 in Windchill: - Graphs

Location: Blue Creek Rd, Lenoir, NC

Updated: 10:04 AM EST

Temperature: 48.2 °F Dew Point: 47 °F Humidity: 96% Wind: NNE at 3.7 mph Pressure: 30.08 in Hourly Precipitation: - Windchill: 47 °F Graphs

Location: Petche Gap, Morganton, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 50.2 °F Dew Point: 38 °F Humidity: 63% Wind: Calm Pressure: 30.22 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.06 in Windchill: - Graphs

Location: Zacks Fork Road, Lenoir, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 49.1 °F Dew Point: 48 °F Humidity: 96% Wind: North at - Pressure: 28.85 in Hourly Precipitation: - Windchill: 49 °F Graphs

Location: Salem Community, Morganton, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 50.0 °F Dew Point: 49 °F Humidity: 95% Wind: East at 2.0 mph Pressure: 30.20 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.08 in Windchill: - Graphs

Location: Marydel, Maiden, NC

Updated: 10:06 AM EST

Temperature: 51.8 °F Dew Point: 51 °F Humidity: 98% Wind: ENE at 5.8 mph Pressure: 30.18 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.00 in Windchill: - Graphs

Location: Burkemont, Morganton, NC

Updated: 10:05 AM EST

Temperature: 49.8 °F Dew Point: 50 °F Humidity: 99% Wind: Calm Pressure: 30.30 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.06 in Windchill: 50 °F Graphs

Location: Statesville, Statesville, NC

Updated: 9:54 AM EST

Temperature: 48.7 °F Dew Point: 48 °F Humidity: 96% Wind: ENE at 8.9 mph Pressure: 30.07 in Hourly Precipitation: - Windchill: 45 °F Graphs

Location: Western Wilkes County, Moravian Falls, NC

Updated: 9:53 AM EST

Temperature: 44.9 °F Dew Point: 44 °F Humidity: 98% Wind: NNE at 7.0 mph Pressure: 30.17 in Hourly Precipitation: 0.06 in Windchill: 41 °F Graphs

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NWS Forecaster Discussion

Area forecast discussion 
National Weather Service Greenville-Spartanburg SC 
648 am EST Monday Nov 30 2015 

a cool and wet air mass will settle in today in the wake of a back 
door cold front...and persist through Tuesday. Another cold front 
is likely to bring additional rain Wednesday...before dry high 
pressure arrives Wednesday night. 


Near term /through tonight/... 
630 am update...widespread light to moderate rain does continue 
along the southern tier of NC...seemingly becoming oriented more 
distinctly within the baroclinic zone atop The Wedge due to the 
expected weakening of upper divergence. Highest accums in the 
past hour are 0.3 to 0.4 inch. Short range guidance for the most 
part shows the rain remaining somewhat spotty the rest of the 
morning...and beginning to shift northward this afternoon. Certainly can/T 
rule out some pockets of 0.25 to 0.5 inch per hour rates but it does 
not look like Hydro threat will increase significantly this morning. 

This morning...high pressure centered over the St Lawrence Valley 
continues to ridge down the East Coast...in a cold air damming 
configuration. A broad baroclinic zone extends along the southern fringe 
of the high...with warm advection atop the cad wedge aided by a 
weak surface low over Tennessee. Upper divergence is also present over 
the area at this time...this associated with right rear quadrant of jet streak which 
will move off the middle-Atlantic coast this morning. The divergence 
accordingly is shown to diminish through the day. The high will shift 
off the New England coast today...as deep closed upper low moves 
through the Central Plains. As these features move the baroclinic zone 
begins to focus north of our area...though low level upglide remains 
more or less constant until winds veer tonight in response to the 
low lifting toward the western Great Lakes...leaving only shallow lift. 

The most significant concern for the near term /and really through 
midweek/ is the degree of Hydro issues that will result. Most 
guidance peaks rainfall rates in the first half of the day today 
while the deepest upglide/moisture is still enhanced by middle to upper 
level dynamic lift. Rates appear to remain similar to those being 
seen in the heavier pockets early this morning...0.2 to 0.3 inches 
per hour. While several hours of such rates will likely produce 
notable responses on rivers...and perhaps even some minor issues in 
low lying areas...currently the setup does not appear primed for 
widespread or flash flooding. We will maintain heavy rain wording 
in the severe weather potential statement but do not meet criteria for a Flood Watch. Furthermore 
rates are expected to taper off this afternoon...allowing a lull 
tonight before forcing increases again prior to the eventual frontal passage. 

Wedge will still be in the building phase today...with temperatures 
remaining steady or falling slightly as the day GOES on over most 
of NC...values being mainly in the lower to middle 50s. Portions of 
the upstate and NE Georgia will remain outside the boundary and will 
see temperatures warm into the 60s. Temperatures will remain nearly steady 
tonight...though mins will be on the order of 15 degrees above 


Short term /Tuesday through Wednesday night/... 
as of 320 am Monday...the main problem through the short range looks 
like it will be associated with the passage of the cold front on 
Wednesday. A deep upper low moving steadily from the northern 
plains...across the upper MS river basin...to the Great Lakes on 
Tuesday and Wednesday will help to build a downstream ridge that 
keeps a SW flow aloft. The front will have some difficulty making 
eastward progress as a result. Expect precipitation production to lift northward 
Tuesday morning as a remnant boundary drifts back northward...so the 
precipitation chance has been cut back over the upstate and southern Piedmont. 
This will be short lived as the cold front inches closer from the 
west. By Tuesday night...the better upper forcing and deeper 
moisture will drift across the NC mountains have raised the precipitation 
chances into the categorical range over the mountains to account for 
this. The models suggest the best forcing will lift NE and out of 
the region on Wednesday as the front finally slides across the mountains 
and then east of the forecast area by evening. As it stands right now... 
there does not appear to be enough of a threat of heavy rain over a 
short enough time period to support issuing a Flood Watch for 
Tuesday night and Wednesday. The front makes its way to the east on 
Wednesday evening...so precipitation chances taper off quickly to the east. 
As for temperatures...the most important change was to the high on 
Tuesday...as it appears that cold air damming will break down early 
enough to allow temperatures to climb higher over the southern part of the 
forecast area. 


Long term /Thursday through Sunday/... 
as of 315 am Monday...the latest model runs show surface high 
pressure building into the region on Thursday as a cold front moves 
off the southeast coast. A blocking pattern develops late in the 
week with an upper low closing off over the southern/central 
Appalachians. However...any surface reflection of low pressure 
develops along the front well off the coast on Friday...such that no 
precipitation is seen inland. This appears to be a drier trend in the new 
model runs. Have opted to remove the slight chances of precipitation that 
creep in around the southern/eastern edge of the forecast area for the weekend 
based on the model trend. Temperatures still look they will be below normal 
for the period. 


Aviation /12z Monday through Friday/... 
at kclt...tricky forecast for this morning as cold air damming takes 
its time becoming established across the area. IFR ceilings are very 
nearby apparently due to saturated low levels resulting from 
persistent rain. The actual wedge boundary appears to be hung up 
north of I-40...but is expected to push southward later today and bring 
a steady IFR ceiling lasting through Tuesday morning. Periods of rain mainly will 
occur today...causing minor visibility concerns...and though some chance 
does exist through tonight rates at that time are not expected 
to be enough to cause restrictions on their own. Guidance is 
nearly unanimous on low IFR ceilings and IFR visibility from fog developing 
tonight. Expect prevailing northeasterly winds...near due east at times today. 

Elsewhere...warm upglide in developing cad regime is the story 
at all taf sites...enforcing restrictions around the region. The 
Wedge boundary is expected to push southward this afternoon...and 
some improvement may briefly come in the late morning prior to its 
entrenchment. However ceilings will likely stay IFR to low MVFR even 
if that occurs. A lull in forcing should allow slowing rain 
rates going into the aftn/evening...but ceilings and visibility will crash 
tonight. Mainly NE winds over the Piedmont and southeast at kavl. 

Outlook...unsettled conditions and associated restrictions will 
continue Tuesday into Wednesday before a cold front crosses the 
area midweek to bring drying. 

Confidence table... 

11-17z 17-23z 23-05z 05-06z 
kclt medium 69% high 83% low 55% high 83% 
kgsp medium 75% high 83% medium 78% high 83% 
kavl high 100% high 100% high 89% high 91% 
khky high 94% high 83% medium 72% low 58% 
kgmu medium 75% high 83% high 83% high 83% 
kand high 81% high 94% medium 61% medium 66% 

The percentage reflects the number of guidance members agreeing 
with the scheduled taf issuance flight rule category. Complete hourly 
experimental aviation forecast consistency tables and ensemble forecasts 
are available at the following link: (must be lower case) 



Gsp watches/warnings/advisories... 


near term...Wimberley 
short term...PM 
long term...PM 

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